Stamp   Associaties & Societies

American Air Mail Society

American First Day Cover Society

American Philatelic Society

American Society of Polar Philatelists

American Topical Association

ArGe Pfadfinder - Scout Stamp Collectors Association

Association of British Philatelic Societies

Australia Philatelic Society

Carto Philatelic Society
Collectors of Maps on Stamps

Danish Filatelic Federation

Federation of Norwegian Philatelists

Federation of Italian Philatelists

Hellenic Philatelic Society

Lighthouse Stamp Society

Philatelic Federation of Finland

Scouts on Stamps Society International

Texas Philatelic Association

The Astro Space Stamp Society

The Copenhagen Philatelic Club

The Great Britain Philatelic Society

The Rochester Philatelic Association

Universal Ship Cancellation Society

USA Stamp Society

Ventura County Philatelic Society

Washington State Philatelic Society

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